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Five Islands Tour

5 Islands Tour

Hong Island (full day trip) just boat tour. Can tour by longtail, speed boat, and big boat.

5 island tour

08.00-08.30am Pick-up from hotel +transfer to the Pier
09.00am Departure by speed boat, destination Hong Islands.
1.Pakbia Island relaxing and fun in and out of the water.
2.Lading Island natural and quiet away from the crowds.
3.Hong Island’s Lagoon fantastic sea lake in the “room”.
4. Hong Island Bay swimming , and Snorkeling & picnic lunch in the most beautiful, natural surroundings.

Remark: Tour programs include hotel transfers and lunch.

5 Island Tour Includes ::

Hong Island : A beautiful place. Enter by boat a uniqe narrow passageway leading to Hong Island's fantastic lagoon of green and blue waters, surrounded by limestone mountains and mangrove forrests.

Lading Island : Up until a few years ago tourists were not allowed on Lading Island. Instead it was left for the people who collected swallow nests and lived there.Today it is sometimes called 'Paradise Island' and a trip here is like going back in time.

Pakbia Island : It is interesting to see how the sea waves have eroded the rocks and dug holes like caves through them.

Rai Island : When the tide is low, you can walk from one island to another on the magical beach which appears and disappears at high tide.
Daeng Island : The island is a great rock coming out fo the sea.At low tide we can take you to visit it and admire its fabulous coral reefs.

Remark Tour includes ::
- Snorkle and Mask
-Hotel transfer
-Life jacket
-Dry bag
-Season fruit
-drinking water
-Accident insurance
-Professionals guide
-National park entrance fee

*fins NOT included nor recomended
** This Program will be changed depending on weather and tides.**
Raincheck/Refund if Canceled

any questions just ask Patty


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