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Elephants Krabi

Elephant Treking Krabi

krabi elephant tours and treks

Nosey Parker's
includes ::
: Transportation with pick up and to Krabitown hotel or Ao Nang Resorts
: English-speaking guide
: Elephant jungle trekking
: Ox's cart ridding
: Monkey Show

Nosey Parker's Elephant Camp - Elephant Trekking Ao Nang Krabi Thailand

Program A
Elephant Riding (2-3 hours)

* One hour of elephant trekking.
* Swimming and relaxation at the nature river park.
* Nature trek on foot, an easy walk that’s very interesting.

Trekking trips begin from Ao Nang at the following times:
09.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m.
14.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.

Program B
Half Day Tour (09.00 a.m. - 14.30 p.m.)

* Two hours of elephant trekking.
* Swimming and relaxation at the nature river park.
* Nature trek on foot into the jungle to see many interesting things.
* Visit to a beautiful orchid garden and fish farm.
* Thai style lunch at a riverside restaurant.

We are based at Baan Nai Sra just 20 minutes drive from Krabi and there we invite you to climb aboard one of our five elephants.

Then suddenly you're high above the ground and heading into this amazing scenery where the quiet will envelope you as you relax into the swaying rhythm of the elephant's walk on a one or two hour trek (dependant on 2 hour or half day safari).

Our elephants are not working elephants, they work only with tourists; some elephant trekking operations abuse their animals by forcing the animals to trek with tourists after a long day working in the forest, controlling the elephants with fear and violence which can only lead to frustration and anger in these otherwise gentle creatures.

All our elephants are well looked after, well fed and watered and above all respected, we hope and believe they are happy; a happy elephant is a safe elephant.

After the trek we head to Sra Keaw Cave a huge overhanging cave of multiple tiers each pillared with stalactites which we give you time to explore at leisure, providing you with drinks and snacks. Here you can also swim in the mineral water pool that emerges from the cave and sample some of the local pineapples. It's a good idea to feed the elephants, they won't forget the kindness, but it is watching the dexterity of their trunks that is the real pleasure.

On the half day tour we give you a chance to see that dexterity put to use as our elephants put on a working demonstration for you.

You will not believe just how clever and strong these animals can be.
After we say goodbye to the elephants we will show you one of the newer attractions in this ancient landscape by taking you to some of the areas that featured in the movie 'The Beach' starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

After which we will transfer you back to your Hotel.

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Elephant Trekking & Cave (2 Hours)
•An hour Elephant Trekking along the stream through the jungle, sight seeing the wild nature along the way.
•Visit Tiger Cave Temple sightseeing nature and rainforest around.
**Free fruit and drinking water**

Half Day Tour (4 Hours)
•An hour Elephant Trekking along the stream through the jungle, sighting the wild nature along the way
•Having lunch.
•Visit Huay Tho waterfall, swimming in the waterfall’s stream sightseeing nature and rainforest around.
•Visit Tiger Cave Temple sightseeing nature and rainforest around.

Video: Elephant Trekking in Krabi
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