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Tour Rates/Prices

reduced rates available for packaged orders ... please just contact with your order details for discount pricing

4 Island Tour :: Long Tail Boat ::Adult 550THB, Child :: 350 THB
4 Island Tour :: Speed Boat ::Adult :1000 THB, Child ::600 THB

Hong Island Tour :: Long Tail Boat ::Adult 800 THB, Child::650 THB 
Hong Island Tour :: Speed Boat ::Adult 1500 THB, Child::900 THB

Phi Phi Island Tour :: Speed Boat :: Adult 1800 THB,Child::1000 THB
Phi Phi Island Tour :: Big Boat :: Adult:: 1200 THB ,Child::900 THB [service suspended]  

James Bond Tour :: Speed Boat :: Adults:: 3000 THB,Child:: 2500THB 
James Bond Tour :: Mini Bus :: :: Adults:: 1300 THB,Child::1000THB 
James Bond + Canoeing (2 in 1):: Adults:: 1600 THB,Child::1300THB 
James Bond + Canoeing + Elephant (3 in 1) :: Adults:: 1800 THB, Child :: 1500THB

4 Island Tour :: visit :: Poda Island, Tub Island, Chicken Head Island, Pranang Cave
Hong Island Tour :: visit ::Hong Island, Pakbia Island, Lading Island
Phi Phi Island Big Boat :: Visit ::Phi Phi don, Viking cave, Ao-pelae , Loh sama ,Maya bay
Phi Phi Island Speed Boat :: Visit :: Phi Phi don, Viking cave, Bamboo ,Hin Klarng , Ao-pelae , Loh sama ,Maya bay, Monkey beach
James Bond Tour :: Visit: Phang Nga Bay ,Khao Ping Gun, Koh Pan Yee , Monkey Cave Temple

Kayak Ao Tha Lane ::Full Day :: Adult 1200 THB, Child::700 THB 
Kayak Ao Tha Lane ::Half Day ::Adult 600 THB, Child::350 THB 
Kayak Ao-Thalane + Cooking :: Adult 1600 THB , Child::900 THB
Kayak Ao Tha Lane + Trekking :: Full Day :: Adult 1500 THB, Child::700 THB 

Kayak Bor Thor :: Full Day ::Adult 1400 THB, Child::700 THB 
Kayak Bor Thor :: Half Day :: Adult 900 THB, Child::450 THB 
Kayak Koh Hong & Snorkel :: Long Tail :: Adult 1500 , Child::1000 THB

Kayak Srakaew river :: Half Day ::Adult 1000 THB, Child ::750 THB 
Kayak Srakaew river + Trekking :: Full Day ::Adult 1700 THB, Child::1,200 THB

Visit:: Hot Spring , The Emerald Pool, Tiger Cave Temple
Jungle Tour :: Adult 1200 THB, Child ::900THB
Jungle Tour & Elephant Trekking  ::Adult 1800 THB, Child::1200 THB

Elephant Trekking 
Elephant Trek (program A *1hr) : Adult 800 THB, Child ::400 THB 
Elephant Trek (program B *half day) : Adult 1700 THB, Child ::900 THB 
Elephant Trek + Cooking (Half&Half days) : Adult 1700 THB, Child ::900 THB
Elephant Trek + River Canoe .. (see above ... Kayak Srakaew River)
Elephant Trek + Jungle Tour .. (see above ... Jungle Tours)
Elephant Trek + Sea Canoe ... (see above ... Kayak Ao-Thalane)
Elephant Trek + Rafting ....... (see below ... River Rafting)

River Rafting (Full Day) 
River Rafting 5km ONLY::Adult 1200 THB, Child ::1000THB 
River Rafting 5km & Elephant Trek::Adult 2000THB, Child::1400THB
River Rafting 5km & ATV (0.5Hrs)::Adult 2000THB, Child::1600THB
River Rafting 5km & ATV (1 Hrs)::Adult 2600THB, Child ::2100THB
River Rafting 5km & ATV (2 Hrs)::Adult 3500THB, Child ::2800THB
River Real Rafting 7km & Elephant Trek ::Adult 2800THB Child ::2000THB
River Raftin Rafting 2 Day 1 Night ::Adult 3800THB, Child::3000THB
Rafting 9km & Elephant Trek::Adult 3600THB Child ::2500THB


ATV Adventure Tours(Full Day) 
ATV 1 Hrs.::Adult 1500 THB, Child::1200THB 
ATV 2 Hrs::Adult 2200 THB, Child::2000THB
ATV 2 Hrs. & Horse . ::Adult 1900 THB, Child::1600THB

Horse Riding *** (Free pick up Ao nang & Ao nammao )
1 hour :: 800 THB
2 hour :: 1200 THB
Half Day :: 2000 THB
Horse Riding 1 hour+ ATV 1 Hr :: 1900 THB
Horse Riding 2 hour+ ATV 1 Hr :: 2300 THB

King Cobra Show :: (***Free pick up in Ao nang only) 
Time::9.00am,11.00am,13.00pm.15.00pm and 17.00pm
650THB / person

Half Day :: 1000 THB
Full Day :: 1800 THB
3 Day Course :: 6000 THB
Rock Climbing on Railay Beach or Ton Sai Beach 

Bungy Jump, Certificate, Insurance, Transfer for pick up Krabi area
Adult: 1800THB

Cooking Thai Food 
Morning (9am-1pm) :: 1300THB
Afternoon (2pm-6pm) :: 1000THB
Full Day:: (9am-6pm) :: 2600 THB
Full Day Carving Fruit :: (Special Course) :: 2500 THB

Fishing Tours 
One day Fishing& Snorkeling by Big boat (minimum 4-7person)
:: Adult:: 3300 THB, Child ::2200 THB

One day Fishing& Snorkeling by Long tail boat (minimum 2-4person)
:: Adult:: 2300 THB, Child ::1700 THB

Private One day Fishing by Big boat (1-6 person)
::20,000THB/Big boat

Biking Tour 
One Day Jungle Cycling :: Adult:: 1800 THB, Child ::1300 THB

Krabi River Tours
( Custom Tour :: Mangrove forest, Fish farm, Kho Ka Nab Nam Cave ) 
** (minimum 10 persons)
1 Hr :: 600 THB/person    
2Hr :: 1100 THB/person

Krabi Town Walking Tour w/ English Speaking Guide
( Custom Tour :: Krabi Night Baazar, Walking Street Market, Morning Market, Chineses Herbal Medicine, OTOP shop, Temple Tour, Riverfront ) 
** (minimum 10 persons)
1 Hr ::280 THB/person    
2Hr :: 500 THB/person
Dinner & Tour :: 800 THB/person

Krabi City Tour * Joint Tour *
A. City Tour Full Day :: Adult:: 1200 THB, Child ::700 THB
Visit:: Shell Fossil, Mangrove ,Kho Ka Nab Nam cave, Fish farm, Tiger Cave Temple ,Fresh Market
B. City Tour& Elephant Trekking :: Adult:: 1500 THB, Child ::1000 THB
Visit:: Shell Fossil, Mangrove ,Kho Ka Nab Nam cave, Fish farm, Tiger Cave Temple ,Elephant
C. City Tour Half Day:: Adult:: 800 THB, Child ::600 THB
Visit:: Shell Fossil, Mangrove ,Kho Ka Nab Nam cave, Fish farm

Krabi Island Camping  (Tent)
Lao Liang Island 4Day 3 Night Package ::  4500 THB/person
*exclude van & ferry transfers +1050THB/krabi area

Phi Phi Island Camping  (Tent)
Phi Phi Lei Island @ Maya Bay "The Beach" ::  1800 THB/person/night
*pickup return Phi Phi Don Pier

Bamboo Island Camping  (Tent)
National Park Camping on the White Sands Beach ::  2200 THB/person/night
*pickup return Phi Phi Don Pier

Golfing Tours
:: Length/Par: 6,573 yard/par72 (Transfer time 45 min)
****18 Holes /includes  Green Fee, Caddy Fee, Golf Set ,Buggy, 3 Golf Balls
Exclude Tip to Caddy, Driver


Current Specials >>> Current Specials & Discounts

Tour Details

*Transfer pick up Krabi town / Ao Nang Beach … Railay, Kloung Muang, and other outer areas extra pls. inquire.
**Child Rates (3-10 years old, under 100cm)   
*** Horse Riding (Free pick up Ao nang & Ao nammao ONLY)



Waterfall Tour (Transfer ONLY)
Huay Tho Waterfall Private Taxi RT from Krabi Town 2hr :: 1200THB
Huay Tho Waterfall Private Taxi RT from Ao Nang 2hr :: 1600 THB
Huay Tho Waterfall Private Taxi RT from Klong Muang 2hr :: 2100 THB

Khao Sok Chiao Lan Lake
A) : Khao Sok 1 day the price Adult:2750THB/pax, Child (3-10years):: 1400THB/pax
B) : Khao Sok 2 days the price Adult:6950THB/pax, Child (3-10years)::3500THB/pax
C) : Khao Sok 3 days Jungle Safari Khao Sok with Cheo Larn Lake
Adult: 11250THB/pax ,Child( 3-10years)::5600THB/pax

Trang Camping on the beach 2 Nights 3 Days.
Program A:Koh Rok Visit: Koh Muk(Morakot cave), Koh Rok, Koh Choek ,Koh Ma and Koh Hai
Adult 4800 THB/pax, Child (3-11years)::3300THB/pax (Minimum 7pax pick up in krabi)

Program B::Koh Lao Liang & Koh Ta Kiang
Adult 4200 THB/pax, Child (3-11years)::3000THB/pax


Private Speed Boat

Private Speed Boat Hire for Phi Phi Islands
1-10 person 13,500 Baht/boat
1-20 person 16,500 Baht/boat
1-30 person 20,500 Baht/boat

Private Speed Boat Hire for Hong Island
1-10 person 11,999 Baht/boat
1-20 person 14,999 Baht/boat
1-30 person 17,499 Baht/boat

Private Speed Boat Hire for 4 Island
1-10 person 9,450 Baht/boat
1-20 person 14,450 Baht/boat
1-30 person 19,450 Baht/boat

Private Speed Boat Hire for James Bond Island
1-10 person 18,850 Baht/boat
1-20 person --ask--
1-30 person --ask--

Long Tail Boat Private Hire for Hong Island
01-08 person 6,000 Baht/boat
10-24 person 8,500 Baht/boat
25-40 person 13,000 Baht/boat

Long Tail Boat Private Hire for 4 island
01-08 person 4,500 Baht/boat
10-24 person 7,000 Baht/boat
25-40 person 11,000 Baht/boat

private boat rentals include:
-Hotel transfers (to/from pier)
-Life jackets
-Mask & snorkel
-Drinking water

-photo of speed boat

**EXCLUDE Food, National park fees, and Tour guide
*EXCLUDE Lunch Service (supplemental)
*National Park Fees 200THB/person for each destinations : Phi Phi Island Group or Hong Island Group

---large groups 4 Islands / fixed itenery ---

Private Boat Hire - 4 Island Group
boat type :: extra Big Long Tail Boat type
20-24persons ... 450 THB/person

Private Boat Hire - 4 Island Group
boat type :: standard Long Tail Boat type
8persons, 16persons ... 550 THB/person
9-15 persons ... 600 THB/person
5-7 persons ... 950 THB/person
1-4 persons ... flat fee (price to hire single boat)

private boat rentals for 4 Islands include:
-Hotel transfers (to/from pier)
-Life jackets
-Mask & snorkel
-Drinking water & Seasonal Fruits

*INCLUDE National park fee
*EXCLUDE Licensed English speaking Tour Guide (supplemental)
*EXCLUDE Lunch Service (supplemental)


Golfing Package Tours

*min 2 person per booking/flight

:: Length/Par: 6,820 yard/par72 (Transfer time 1 Hr 50 min)
+Taxi (to/from) Krabi & Ao Nang -- 4,200Baht /1 minivan /RT

PAKASAI COUNTRY CLUB @ 3800 THB/pax "All in Fare"
1 rounds of golf (18 holes) **min 2 pax **
(Transfer time 45 min) course open 8:30am-5pm
Golf Package :: (incls) Club House Lunch, snacks, locker, Golf set, Buggy, caddy&greens fees, RT transport to Ao Nang resorts

Pakasai Golf Cart :: +500/cart
Pakasai Golf Set :: +500/Callaway and Taylor Made Clubs

**Top quality clubs
**5 boxes of balls (200 balls)
**Automated ball feeding

PAKASAI COUNTRY CLUB "I am bringing my own Clubs Fare"
1 rounds of golf (18 holes) **min 4 pax **
include:: green fees, golf cart, private minivan transfer service

*green fees ONLY*
Transfer:: 5,500Baht /1 minivan/RT

--below exclude taxi transfer---

-PHOOKEETHRA GOLF COURSE :: green fees @ 1250THB / round (9 Holes)

-PAKASAI COUNTRY CLUB :: green fees @ 1400THB / round (18 Holes)

:: Length/Par: 6,825 yard/par72 (Transfer time 1 Hr 50 min)

:: Length/Par: 7,019 yard/par72 (Transfer time 1 Hr 50 min)

:: Length/Par: 6,073 yard/par72 (Transfer time 1 Hr 50 min)

:: Length/Par: 6,330 yard/par72 (Transfer time 1 Hr 45 min)

Krabi Massage & Spa

-Massage 1 Hr ::250 -300 THB/pax
-Massage 2 Hr ::500 THB/pax
-Massage Feet 1 Hr:: 280 THB/pax
-Massage to care paralysis 2 Hr:: 450 THB/pax

Krabi Massage & Spa 1
@Thai Massage (90mins) 500 THB/pax
@Foot Massage (60mins) 500 THB/pax
@Oil Massage(Aroma Therapy) (90mins) 700
@Herbal Scrub (60mins) 750 THB/pax
@Hot Compress (90mins) 600 THB/pax
Thai Massage and Foot Massage (2Hr 30mins) 1000 THB/pax
Herbal Scrub and Oil Massage(Aroma Therapy) (2 Hr 30mins) 1450 THB/pax

Massage & Spa
@Facial Treatments
@Body Scrub & Wrap
Jacuzzi(30min) 500 THB/pax
Aromatic Herbal Steam (30min) 500 THB/pax
Floral Bath (30min) 750 THB/pax
Herbal Bath (30min) 660 THB/pax
Pedicure (45min) 450 THB/pax
Manicure (30min) 400 THB/pax
Waxing 300-990 THB/pax

The good spa in Aonang name "Busarakorn spa" >> บุศรากร สปา

Diving Packages

@Padi courses for beginners
@Padi courses

Fun Dives

Ao nang 4 Islands Dives
2 dives
2.400 THB

Ao nang 4 Islands Dives
3 dives
3.200 THB

Shark Point & Anemone Reef Dives
2 dives
3.500 THB

King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef Dives
3 dives
4.200 THB

dive & snorkle options

4 Islands
2400 dive
600 snorkle

PP Island site
3300 dive
1500 snorkle


Car Rentals

-1 day Jeep Hire:950Baht/day
-1 day Small Car Hire*Toyota vios*1,500Baht/day


optionA. "Jungle Tour"
+ Tiger cave/wat tham sua (krabitown)
+ hotsprings/crystal lagoon (kloung Thom)
+ Thai Market Tour (Talad Gao)

1,999/group 1-3 pax
2,999/group 4-8 pax
4,799/group 9-16 pax
6,699/group 9-10 pax
+450/person for Park fee & Lunch

*private guided tour :: Jungle Tour* 1750/day/guide
'English Speaking' TAT licensed Guide

***Tour DETAILS ***
JUNGLE TOUR travel to
1st - Emerald pool, cyrstal springs, Hot springs
2nd - Tiger cave temple
3rd - Thai Market Tour
start: 9:30am
finish: 4:30pm
OPTION add ons
... Mangrove Tour and Ancient Prehistoric Island Cave Shelters +1.25hrs. (+500/group) (1-8 pax)
... Dining evening Diner @ local Krabi Street Markets and open air food stalls +1.5hrs. (+300/van&driver)


optionB. "Theravada Buddhism Research "
krabi tiger cave temple monastery to meet monks with translator
3800/group 3-6 FULL DAY (5hrs)
2900/group 3-6 HALF DAY (3hrs)


General Tour Times
am tours :: 8:45-13:30
pm tours 12:30-16:00
full day :: 8:45-16:30

*Children must be between ages 3-10 years old
**All tours include licensed tour guide
*** All prices includes 300 baht National Park fee if applicable / non-Thai Nationals
****Transfers to and from hotel/resort included in price for guest staying in Ao Nang & Krabitown & Ao nam Mao. Guest staying on Railay and Tonsai beach must arrange transfer to Ao Nang Pier or Ao Nam Mao by themselves. Ao Nang Village is where tour operators will pickup/return guest staying at Railay Beach.

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